Why should you care about web content for your business? 

Poor content weakens your relationship with customers. Great content builds relationships and strengthens already existing ones.  

Standing out and building an online presence has never been more important – there is so much information out there to consume in the online world that without the right techniques, it is easy to fall behind and become just one out of millions and millions. We want you to be on top of your competitors 

What is content marketing?  

 The Content marketing Institute of the USA defines content marketing as the following:  

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.  

 Over the last decade, a major shift has occurred from advertising to content marketing. In advertising, you focus solely on creating a pitch for your products servicesThis has very quickly become outdated today  

 The content marketing strategy is about creating platforms for engagement and offering information to engage prospective customers and the larger community. This means that you want to establish and maintain a closer interaction with people around ideas and information related to your business. The crucial takeaway from this is that it is no longer just about products and services that we are so keen to sell. It is rather about engaging with the thought process of the prospective customers  

Today, content marketing is done by everyone, from your local café to mammoth businesses like MicrosoftCafe operators increasingly want to have a website to post some nice pictures of their drinks and desserts but they can ramp up their online presence by adding information on 


  • their passion and motivation behind their involvement in the business 
  • unique selling points and attractive features of their products 
  • descriptions of their locations and why it is convenient and easy for many people  
  • any special or cultural additions to their recipes  
  • and many more  


If you keep these contents updated then your cafe is likely to get into the top of the Google search list. However, this does not happen automatically – there are some tricks and techniques that require expert analysis, optimised content writing, and dynamic content updating 


Bigger companies invest a lot in their content strategy and as a result, their websites look more like resource hubs packed with whole range of relevant, useful and timely information that goes beyond your basic product/service descriptions.

 What are the various forms of contents that you need to consider to increase sales?  

 In the modern era of digital marketing, a variety of content is needed. Gone are the days where you could just rely oone form of content marketing and customer engagement Customers now come from diverse socio-economic and cultural backgrounds with diverse tastes and preferences for content, before they can be converted to customers. 


You can choose from an endless array of channels to get your content across: blogs, social media, newsletters, videos, infographics, guest blogging and mass media. You need a mix of content and a suite of channels of communication that can offer an engaging, personalised and timely experience to a variety of people and customers that you want to reach out to 


What sort of content to deliver, which channels to use, and how frequently to update…. there are a whole range of options to choose from. And this is where an expert judgement can be of immense help. Please contact us – we are just one email or a phone call away. An expert from our group will assist you to translate your dreams into a practical action strategy  


Some of the key forms of contents you need to integrate into your marketing strategies are web content, newsletter and email marketing. 


How do we conduct your website evaluation? 

You may think that your website is just a collection of information about your products and services for your prospective customers. But looking at it from strategic lensit is a platform to engage with the wider community and build your presence in the field of your expertise. Proven web content management strategy can to generate larger volumes of sales for you 

 More than half a million new websites are created everyday – this means quite a few billion websites are already running in the internet. In such a crowded and overwhelming digital space, not all websites fare equallyThose that do better in terms of visitor engagement have certain attributes that contribute to their success. We use state of the art  industry knowledge and techniqueto identify what improvements are needed in your website.  


Our strategy is to analyse and design content from your customers’ point of view. We analyse the level of customer engagement and make insightful recommendations on how you can optimise the chance of converting every visitor into customerWe get down to the nitty-gritty of your website and evaluate how your brand is being promoted, how engaged your visitors/customers are and in what ways leads argenerated. We put your marketing goals at the centre of our evaluation.  


Every business and industry has a unique marketing context in which they operate in, so we would be more than happy to offer you customised proposal to start off with. Please contact us by clicking this link and we will send a brief proposal to suit your goals and budgets right into your inbox 

Professional Copywriting  

If you are running a business, you need to produce an endless number of content pieces. These include website texts, emails, newsletters, infographics about your products and services, and so on. If you are a small business owner, you most likely will not have the time to write all of these yourself. Our team has a wide range of expertise to help you create these contents for you.  

Why is your company newsletter so important for your business? 

 Your subscribers value regular updates from you company. They will respond favorably if you keep them abreast of any change in the organisational structure or teams of your company, products and services, and any important plans ahead.  


Pieces of information can be as diverse as a new job opening, opening of a new branch, a message from the CEO, any insight into the journey of your company so far, and a listing of upcoming events.  


The newsletter is also a great platform for you to present any special offers to your loyal customers.  


Your newsletter should not just advertise your product. It should, more importantly, include research information for the benefit of the public. If you are selling organic vegetables, don’t just say what new stock of organic prunes you have got in store, but also share new research or information about the positive impact of eating prunes on health. In this way, you are not just selling your product to the customer, but you are also educating them. You have provided them with a value that goes beyond what they can buy with money. 


You may also like to feature key individuals or teams’ profiles. This will add human face to your content 


There is no one blueprint that applies to every business. Each business operates within a unique context, and it requires an expert judgement to map out and organise an exciting and highimpact content for your regular newsletter.  

 How can you get the most out of email marketing? 

 In today’s world, getting the attention of people who receivhundreds of email each day is extremely difficult. So how can you stand out and be seen?  


Our team has 2 years of experience in email marketing We have learnt that businesses commit a number of mistakes in email marketing 


  1. Email openings are not clear. They start with long background text which does not provide a good clue of why the email is important to read, let alone respond to it 


  1. Action requests are not clear. Too oftenemails end without a clear appeal for action or response.  


  1. Failure  to offer choice. Receivers cannot be forced to respond in only particular ways. They need to be given choice so that they find it engaging and also challenging 


  1. Impersonal style. If you do not write like you are talking to your client or a collaborator, then the reader will not remain interested in reading your email.  


  1. Inaccurate and unclear subject line. Too often email subject lines do not reflect the purpose and content of the email text.   


  1. Lengthy email. Putting unnecessary texts and making an email long means you are burdening the reader with. You may think that you have put a lot of details for your readers to buy into the idea, but length can disengage and discourage the reader.  


  1. The whole story is not impressive. Email can be an opportunity to present the image of your company. If your email story is clear, coherentpersuasivegrammatically correct, and humble, then you are optimising the impact.  


Anyone can write an email about anything but if you are looking to utilise it to its full potential, our experts can provide help in crafting highimpact emails for you